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Logo of Smartika.
Logo of Tatra Banka.
Logo of Myos.
Logo of Komerční banka, a major Czech bank and the parent company of KB Group, a member of the Société Générale international financial group.
Logo of Swedbank.
Logo of Austrian Anadi Bank, a mobile, multi-channel bank operating in the Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Public Finance business segments.
Logo of DSK Bank.
Logo of Šiaulių bankas.
Logo of Sberbank Europe.
Logo of Relational, an international software developer and integrator with offices in 6 European countries and a client base all over Europe, Northern and Sub Saharan Africa and the Arab Peninsula.
Logo of Jifiti.
Logo of Peer2Peer Finance News, the first online and print monthly magazine dedicated purely to the UK’s fast-growing peer-to-peer finance industry.
Logo of mBank.
Logo of Raiffeisen Bank International.
Logo of inFund, a company providing unsecured short term lending to SMEs in the UK.
Logo of Creditstar Group.
Logo of Ikano Bank.
Logo of UniCredit.
Logo of BCR.
This is the logo of ApPello, a FinTech vendor of the lending industry providing front-to-back-office banking solutions, which cover all phases of the Loan Process, including Loan Origination, Credit Scoring, Collateral Handling, Loan Monitoring and Collection.
Logo of Vivus Finance.
Logo of QUALCO, an expert provider of debt portfolio management systems and technology-enabled services, covering all aspects of the debt collections and recoveries lifecycle.
Logo of Data Invision.
Logo of PZIP, the Polish Association of Alternative Lenders.
Logo of Türkiye İş Bankası.
Logo of Erste&Steiermärkische bank d.d.
Logo of Garanti BBVA.
Logo o KBC.
Logo of Consors Finanz, a brand of the worldwide active major bank BNP Paribas and one of the leading providers for consumer loans in Germany.
Logo of Alpha Bank.
Logo of SKB banka.
Logo of Postbank.
Logo of Moment Credit.
Logo of Nethone.
Logo of Kontomatik.
Logo of TAKTOeasy.
Logo of BanksDaily.com, one of the world's largest databases of banks and banking groups.
Logo of ING Bank Romania, a universal bank, serving all categories of clients through its three specialised divisions: Wholesale Banking, Mid Corporate and Retail Banking.
Logo of Debitum Network, a platform giving users the possibility to deposit, invest and withdraw in both fiat and crypto.
Logo of OTP Bank, the largest bank in Hungary providing commercial banking services.
Logo of KPMG, a global network of independent member firms offering audit, tax and advisory services.
Logo of Celsius Network, a new way to deposit, borrow and earn interest with crypto.
Logo of the Savings Banks Group (Säästöpanki), the oldest banking group in Finland.
Logo of Marginalen Bank, a Swedish bank offering a range of easy-to-use products and services to private and business customers.endingUP!-evolynx-RPA-l
Logo of K&H Bank, one of the leading banks in Hungary in retail services as well as in the corporate segment.
Logo of Tink, a Swedish company that developed an app allowing users manage their money across any account in any bank.
Logo of ETHLend, a DApp (Decentralized Application) that runs on the Ethereum Network, meant to offer secure peer-to-peer lending via Smart Contracts.
Logo of iwoca, a company offering small business credit finance services in the United Kingdom.
Logo of Nordea, the largest financial services group in the Nordic region and one of the biggest banks in Europe.
Logo of ING-DiBa AG, a bank offering savings, mortgages, brokerage services, consumer loans, and current accounts for private individuals.
Logo of Lendico, a multinational company, operating a peer-to-peer lending platform for SME.
Logo of Tavant Technologies, a digital products and solutions company helping its customers improve operational efficiency, productivity, speed and accuracy in the interconnected world to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.
Logo of Danske Bank, a Nordic bank serving personal, business and institutional customers and in addition to banking services, offering life insurance and pension, mortgage credit, wealth management, real estate and leasing services.
Logo of Eurbank, a bank providing retail, corporate and private banking, asset management, treasury, capital markets, and other services in Greece.
Logo of Modrá pyramida, a company providing banking and financial products and services to individuals and legal entities primarily in the Czech Republic.
Logo of Medicinos bankas, that was one of the first banks in Lithuania to provide online services.
Logo of Hello bank!, a digital direct bank owned by BNP Paribas.
Logo of AdviceRobo, Europe's leading psychographic credit scoring company.
Logo of TBI Bank, a fully licensed consumer and SME focused bank operating in Bulgaria and Romania.
Logo of CoinLoan, a company offering loans secured by cryptoassets.
Logo of Česká spořitelna, the bank with the longest tradition on the Czech market.
Logo of Spotcap, a direct lender to SMEs in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia and New Zealand where they offer promising businesses access to flexible finance.
Logo of POP Pankki, a Finnish bank belonging to the POP Bank Alliance Group.
Logo of Alfa Finance, an innovative and fast-growing player in online lending and investment management.
Logo of TBI Credit Romania, a specialised consumer lending company.
Logo of ČSOB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KBC Bank NV providing services in Czech Republic to all groups of clients.
Logo of Stratox Enterprises, a leading provider of technology and solutions for the automation and management of business processes.


Logo of FinTech Belgium.
Logo of the Bulgarian FinTech Association is a non-profit organisation uniting the leading FinTech companies in Bulgaria.
Logo of the Czech FinTech Association.

FinTech Belgium is the independent federation of FinTechs in Belgium. A non-profit organisation created in 2015 by and for Belgian FinTech companies, it is the first and largest community of FinTechers in the country, gathering financial professionals, startup entrepreneurs and investors, who are interested in discovering and discussing disruptive business models and new technology for the financial services industry. Their 3 main missions are to be a platform for dialogue with regulators and other parties, to actively and tangibly promote the FinTech sector in Belgium and Belgian FinTechs abroad, and to share the experience within and outside the community.

The Bulgarian FinTech Association is a non-profit organisation uniting the leading FinTech companies in Bulgaria. Its mission is to create a platform bringing together all parties in Bulgaria with interest in financial technologies and to provide a common ground for communication and exchange of ideas. The Bulgarian FinTech Association aims at becoming the face of FinTech in Bulgaria and to represent the shared values of its members before regulators, investors, financial institutions, foreign associations, partners and any other parties. The Association gathers experienced professionals from the areas of finance, investments, law, professional and financial services.

Founded in 2016, the Czech Fintech Association aims to support shared interests of FinTech companies and entrepreneurs, shape the regulatory environment and, thereby, promotes the adoption of cashless and frictionless solutions in all sorts of transactions. The Association (i) curates networking events, (ii) chairs expert working groups and (iii) has the ambition to be a single point of contact for innovators, investors, regulators, policy makers and commercial partners in the Czech FinTech environment