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Dům U Galerie: the character behind arts and history

All year long, when it’s not “conference day”, you can find us operating from the head office established at Dům U Galerie. It’s a clean-cut piece of Functionalist Architecture built in 1932 that, after a faithful refurbishment, reopens in the year of evolynx foundation.

Indeed, Functionalist Architecture disrupted previous logics all around the world: flat roofs, simple lines and smooth curves, wide openings for maximal lightning of interiors and, above all, meticulous attention to practical aspects and functions of the place.


Also Dům U Galerie shows traits of versatility and efficiency, as purpose dances cheek to cheek through modern architectural spaces. Actually, the richness of its design lies just there: being rational and enjoyable at the same time, while harmoniously fitting the surrounding environment.

In the same way, evolynx takes pride in keeping things simple and meaningful as we grow together with our clients and colleagues: we want our groundbreaking vision and approach to ease your needs and bring value to your professional and everyday life.

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