A story yet to be written

evolynx is the brainchild of a friendship spanning more than 2 decades. Over the years we had the unique chance to share both personal and professional experiences, working side-by-side to learn and refine all the aspects of creating successful business events. Above all, we share a deep passion for continuous improvement and we're always looking for new ideas to inspire our work. Our story has yet to be written and we want you to be part of it.


evolynx aims at leading the way with an ethical approach in business. The core underlying values represent the cornerstone upon which our model is built: they influence all our decisions throughout the value chain and help us reinforce our vision with actions consistent with it.

It's OK to make mistakes: that's how we learn and grow. We are driven by the desire to improve, develop and educate ourselves and we strive to create the right environment for a sustainable growth.

The energy for innovation must come from an intrinsic caring. We help colleagues along their journey with deep transparency, honesty and trust. We appreciate the great richness coming with diversity and we encourage collaboration, curiosity and creativity.

Wondering what makes us unique? We continuously challenge ourselves, we like to keep things simple and to ensure high-quality services at all times.

​When people of common passion are brought together anything is possible. We relentlessly work to achieve our vision, step by step, with courage and determination.

Did you choose your way of being remarkable? For us is to create high quality products with an inner value that goes far beyond the price: it’s how we enable our clients to meaningfully impact their business.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

African proverb

Quality is not an act,

it is a habit


Nothing in the world has ever been accomplished without passion

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Nothing can have value without being an object of utility

Karl Marx

Learning never exhausts the mind

Leonardo da Vinci


 We intend to bring pride and fulfilment to our employees and create together the value our clients won’t find anywhere else. We aim at leaving a long-term impact, being memorable and becoming our clients' natural choice as business partner. 


It's all about people

No matter what industry we're in, we're all in the people business. That's why we believe that face-to-face interactions are the best way to build relationships among people and, as such, an irreplaceable value driver. By creating essential opportunities to benchmark against market leaders, get inspired by industry experts and establish strategic business alliances, we enable your staying ahead of the competition event in, event out.

Meet the team

Andrea Cavina

Managing Partner



+420 728 677 783

andrea theevolynx.com

This is a head shot of Andrea Cavina, Co-founder and Managing Partner of evolynx

Andrea has an international and multidisciplinary background in engineering, urban planning and transport. As he faced the complexity of urban environments, he realised the importance of facilitation and matchmaking in generating positive synergies among diverse stakeholders.

Andrea founded evolynx convinced that understanding the driving factors of decision-making and supporting partners’ long term sustainable growth will ultimately result in a positive impact on the society as a whole.

Musician and basketball player in the past, he daily listens to Sveriges Radio and is always up for the best lasagne in town. That’s why, in order to keep up, he likes to train and compete in triathlon.

Marco Fico

Managing Partner



+420 775 902 844


This is a head shot of Marco Fico, Co-founder and Managing Partner of evolynx

An environmental engineer by education, and an avid learner by nature, Marco developed into a sales professional and gained several years of successful sales and business development experience, striving for continuous improvement through integrity, curiosity, preparedness and simplicity.

Passionate about facilitating connections, he finally resolved to found evolynx driven by the deep-rooted belief that a workplace culture based on trust is key to creating sustainable business value.

A former multihull sailor and rock-climber, he enjoys outdoor activities such as running and mountain hiking in his free time. On his bedside table, you’re likely to find either a Japanese manga or a Dostoevsky novel.

What they say about us

This is a head shot of Pasquale Gorrasi, Head of International Lines at GEB

 I know Marco since many years now. Without a doubt, I can say that he is a competent and reliable professional. Sometimes he is a tough negotiator, however always knowledgeable and supportive. In his past capacities, we have organized several events with his support and none of them has been less than a success. With no hesitation I would recommend to work with Marco and take advantage of his talent and wide network spanning over several industries. 

Head of International Lines

Generali Employee Benefits

This is a head shot of Tom Johansmeyer, AVP at Verisk PCS

AVP, Property Claims Services

Verisk Insurance Solutions

 Marco has been very supportive of my team's international marketing and expansion efforts for several years now, and we've seen the results of his hard work. Marco is focused, creative, diligent, and always helpful, particularly in guiding folks new to his events and markets. I've seen the direct results of his efforts and would recommend him to any prospective or current employer or client. Working with Marco is productive - and always a pleasure!